Sunday, November 28, 2010

Progress update, and more on Caroline Elizabeth Caldwell McIntosh

I've made progress in restoring the information -- text and photos -- to the family website, with only a few things still lacking. So if any of you have been visiting the site and were frustrated at the broken links and lack of photos, it should be much better now, with the rest to be restored this week.

Then it will be on to providing more information that came our way from the Caldwell-McIntosh coalition of family members who have shared a wealth of additional histories and photos. I'm also designing -- a fancy word for it, to be sure -- a new landing page for the website that I hope will be more logical and useful than the one I've been using for the past decade.

Since I hate to post here without offering something new, I've added another short life sketch on the Caroline Elizabeth Caldwell McIntosh page. It varies only slightly from the informative history already there, but adds a few details I hope you'll find interesting. She was a remarkable woman; if you haven't read through the history already, I know you'll be surprised.

Along with that, I've added two photos, also derived from the Caldwell-McIntosh information: One of the apparently still-standing home where she lived in St. John, Utah (near Tooele), and another of her headstone.

I hope you find all this as interesting as I do. And, as always, please offer criticisms and ideas for improvement -- I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back in Business

Well, I have a computer again, which means I'm in the process of rebuilding/updating The Henderson Reunion website. It's a slower process than I anticipated, but I'll get there -- I promise.

The most frustrating part is that I expected by now to be creating new content; instead, I'm only piecing back together what was already in place. Unfortunately, I over-estimated my computer skills and am paying the price. But with cold weather setting in, I should be indoors more and have more time to devote to this blog and the actual website.

Over time, I'd like to create individual pages for all families who would like to be included -- mostly as a way for all of us to become more acquainted with each other. The pages can be as superficial or detailed as you want them. (Let me know if you think this is even a good idea, or maybe it's superfluous given that most of us are into various avenues of social media and perhaps that's enough.)

I have abandoned the tentative effort to move this blog to Wordpress, since twice now I've created content there only to have it mysteriously vanish. I actually prefer that blogging software -- it's what I use at work, writing a daily blog for our executives -- but for some reason at home I've had bad luck with it. So, I guess we'll just stick with Blogger. I see this as an efficient way to keep you updated on the website, and as a way for us to be more interactive than the website can be ... so far, anyway.

Take care, all, and give me your feedback as I get rolling again.